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Innovation & Knowledge In Motion

A new era for a successful digital experience...

Our Passion?

Building the Apps of Tomorrow

Our business model has changed, and we are now focused on creating cutting-edge apps for companies' end-users and individuals utilizing the most advanced technologies available. You can now benefit from our expertise through the various platforms and apps that we release online. We encourage you to fully embrace and enjoy the incredible experience that we are delivering to you. Don't hesitate to explore and take advantage of all the features and services that we offer. Here our last creations, IKiBlast and Erenials, in early preview:
The mission of is to prepare individuals for the challenges of artificial intelligence and make its benefits accessible to everyone, while enabling you to boost your activities and enhance your performance.
It's like having a team of experts for all aspects of daily and professional life, accessible with just one click. With conversational artificial intelligence and its immediate responses, seamlessly integrate AI into your life to harness its power with a single click, multiplying your capabilities and taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by this world-changing revolution. Position yourself correctly now to continue growing and thriving in the ongoing evolution we all live in today

I Kimera, a paradigm shift...

At I Kimera, we are passionate about bringing you the best practices and technologies of tomorrow to help you achieve your goals. We offer three comprehensive service packages designed to help you transition to an increasingly disruptive future.
Our team of experts is ready to provide you with personalized assistance and experience in the latest tools and technologies to help you achieve your goal.
With I Kimera, you are sure to find the optimal digital solution for your business.
Awareness (free of charge):


Do you want your business to thrive in this time of unprecedented technological change?
Make an appointment (free of charge) and discover the competitive advantage that the integration of the new technologies that we master can bring to your company.
Latest trends and insights on emerging technologies.
Support for their assessment
Integration into your digital space


Do you want your teams - or yourself - to quickly learn to master disruptive technologies that can have a tangible impact on your business growth?
Learn how to qualify your needs in the modern digital space and integrate a disruptive and effective product strategy through workshops.
Awareness and ability to develop new business models and associated office and/or industrial concepts.
Support in defining success criteria, finalizing, securing and demonstrating the concept, which will be deployed over several years.
Guidance in the realization of marketable prototypes


Be supported by a strong network of experts and equipped with the best tools to achieve a global transformation and keep your customers at the heart of your priorities.
Integration of environmental, security and lifecycle dimensions
Building a trusting ecosystem
Optimisation of your customer digital relationship
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Why trust us?

A Huge Opportunity to Seize

Pioneers get the lion's share.
Strong market validation
The customer demands transparency, simplicity and speed
Simple integration into your business model
Accelerate without running into the wall
A solid development of your margins
Multiply the profitability of your goods and services
Happy customers, employees and boss
Focusing on your core business is no longer an unattainable dream

Modern ways and features to boost the attractiveness of your products

Your Assets for a Successful Transition

Digital Security
Adopt the most reliable and transparent authentication and payment mechanisms available
New Techs Expertise
Access a world-class network of experts to avoid dead-ends
Traceability of Goods and Services
No more loss of stock or orders
Creative Technology
Develop new business models
Customer is King
Share an experience that ensures a high level of acquisition and loyalty
More Reliability for more Confidence
Don't miss an opportunity due to IT failure
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Join the Post-Digital Era.

The best digital experience is the one that gets forgotten. Its development induces a complexity that makes its integration into existing IT systems difficult. Our ambition is to help you achieve this evolution under ideal conditions.
A tightly controlled budget
Costs based mainly on the real added value of our contribution


Increased profits
A customer relationship built on trust


UX Design
A beautiful design is not enough. Our purpose is to provide a unique, guided and consistent experience through the client interfaces (websites or applications) we help you develop.
Zero Trust
Zero Trust avoids exposure to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. However, its adoption requires considerable effort, which our expertise can help to mitigate.
How can you reassure your customers about the origin of your products or the confidentiality of your services? Blockchain technology allows you to do this at a lower cost.
Anticipating a problem before your customer even notices it is one of the many fields of application covered by the Internet of Things.
Artificial Intelligence enables your applications to perceive the context of a query, manage that perception and take actions to achieve a specific goal. By integrating it, your customer-facing applications will learn to react and better guide them in their choices.

Our Blog is live!!

Discover the new technologies we want to render affordable to everyone and, soon, follow the progress of the missions we have been entrusted with, the technologies deployed and the obstacles overcome.
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Digital identity applied to everything... Take it or leave it.
Find out how we enabled Creative Circles Network to develop a self-managed digital identity in record time using blockchain and the right partners.
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July 22, 2023
5 min