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Why You Can Still Get Hacked When You’re on Latest Security Patches

Why You Can Still Get Hacked When You’re on Latest Security Patches

By IkimerIA
Published in Ultimate Web
January 06, 2023
2 min read

We’ve all heard it before - keep your software up to date with the latest security patches. But, what happens when you do update and still get hacked? The truth is that even if you are running the most recent version of a program or operating system, there is still a chance that hackers can breach your data. In this blog post we will discuss why being on the latest security patch isn’t enough to protect yourself from cyber-attacks.

How Cybercriminals Stay Ahead of Security Patches

Cybersecurity professionals work hard to create updates for existing programs so they can be patched against any vulnerabilities which might exist in their system codebase. However, as soon as these updates become available – often within days after release – malicious actors have already found ways around them using various techniques such as zero-day exploits and reverse engineering tools like IDA Pro (Interactive Disassembler). This means that while having an updated computer may provide short term protection from some threats, ultimately criminals are able to stay one step ahead by quickly exploiting newly discovered flaws in order for them gain access into systems with outdated or unpatched software versions installed on them.

How You Can Protect Yourself Against These Attacks

The best way to ensure maximum safety against cybercriminal activities is through preventive measures such as maintaining multiple layers of defense between potential points of attack including firewalls and antivirus/anti-malware solutions; regularly monitoring network traffic activity; implementing strong password management policies; educating users about safe computing practices; utilizing encryption technologies for sensitive data transmission over public networks etc… Additionally organizations should also invest time and resources into testing out new patches prior deploying it across production environment since not all fixes released by vendors actually fix issues they claim they do!

What Else Can I Do To Increase My Protection? As mentioned earlier keeping up with regular maintenance tasks like installing necessary OS & application level updates along side scanning computers/networks periodically using anti virus / malware suites goes long way towards protecting systems but unfortunately its far cry away from providing complete immunity … That said taking proactive steps such additional precautionary actions i e disabling unnecessary services , limiting administrative privileges only few trusted personnel plus enabling two factor authentication where ever possible helps increase overall layer protection . Lastly dont forget always back important user information at least once day preferably cloud based solution !


It’s clear from this discussion that no matter how diligent you may be about updating your devices’ software packages, there will always remain some risk associated with modern digital environments due to constant threat landscape changes caused by criminal elements seeking gain unauthorized access protected assets . Therefore investing extra effort into researching available options strengthening existing infrastructure components alongside adopting good cybersecurity hygiene practices essential part effective defence strategy every organization must adopt today’s world successfully combat malicious attackers who constantly trying find loopholes break inside company premises steal valuable corporate data .. With right combination thoughtful planning diligence organisations large small alike stand better chance defending themselves prevent future attacks occur !




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